Choosing the right babysitter


Choosing someone else to look after your children is one of the most important decisions you can ever make.  Of course safety is your number 1 priority, but you are also looking for someone fun, someone that will bond with your little ones, and hopefully that can provide some additional help around the house while you are out. But when that party invite or wedding invitation arrives you can feel short of time and short of options - suddenly finding the best babysitter becomes finding any babysitter.

It's one of the reasons why Kowalah is designed to provide you not just with the closest babysitter, or the one that is available, or the one that responds first, but to provide you within 15 minutes with up to five available local reference checked babysitters for you to choose from.

We'll provide you with their photo, details of any DBS or healthcare certificates, and the babysitter's self-written profile.  You'll also see all the recent comments and recommendations each babysitter has received from other parents.  You can then make an educated decision about who is best suited to be welcomed into your house and look after your children.

How do you decide?

We've spoken with parents to ask about how they make this crucial choice - and we've found that everyone is different.

If you are a new Kowalah user, or have very young children you might focus on:

  • DBS certificates
  • Experience with young babies
  • References

We'd recommend you spend time reading each of the available babysitter's profiles - many contain information about their education, where they live (all will be within 20 miles of you), and their experience with child care.  Once you've made your selection your Kowalah will telephone you so you'll have another opportunity to build trust and plan for the booking.

Once parents have used Kowalah a number of times or have older children:

  • A smiling photo
  • Who looks the most fun?
  • Who have I used before?
  • Who have my friends used?
  • Who do the kids want to choose?

To regular users we recommend that you use a selection of Kowalah.  Kids welcome the opportunity to experience different people - it shows them its not just about you heading out for a fun event.  As you build up a network it gives you confidence in the wide range of babysitters in your local area.

Given all the information available to parents, we can see that parents make their selection within 3 minutes.  Photos and a great profile are making it easy for parents to make a quick decision on who's best for their children.

How do you decide which babysitter to select?  We'd love to hear what other information we can provide to you to help with your decision making.