Why we don't let Kowalahs set their own rates


We've all been in that situation - you come home from an evening out, you exchange small talk with your babysitter, and after a couple of minutes "Right - how much do I owe you?!" Then follows an awkward conversation where the babysitter tries to drive the amount down "Oh really it was no trouble, I mean whatever you think, £20?" while you try to drive the amount up, "No really, I insist, please take all of this..."  (a glass of wine has probably helped).

This exchange is awkward for both parties and not the best way of concluding the transaction - so we believe it is important that both parents and babysitters know what the charge will be ahead of time.

So why do we not let Kowalah babysitters set their own rates?

Know your worth

In the conversation above between the babysitter and the parent the saddest part is that many babysitters, especially if they are younger, find it hard to see the value of the service they are providing and their own worth.

Babysitting can often be portrayed as a low skilled job, something to just pass £15 or £20 to a neighbour to watch your television so that a parent can go out with their friends;  but we see it differently.

Babysitters are providing great experiences to young people every day - games, singing, drawing, baking, arts and crafts, exercise, hair braiding!  Having someone look after your children, under their sole care, should be the most valuable job you can offer and worthy of a fair rate of pay.

It's not an auction

We also want to ensure that babysitters understand they are working in a competitive environment where price is not a factor.  We don't want any pressure on a babysitter to want to change their rate down by £0.50, or £1.00 to try and attract more work.

It should be the quality of your photo, your profile and experience and your ratings that help you get selected, not how cheaply you can offer your services.

Parents should look at quality not cost

The complementary point is that parents should not have to take cost into account when choosing from a range of Kowalahs.  If everyone charges the same rate then it frees parents up to look at who is the most fun, the most experienced - the best match for their little ones.

So for these three reasons we set the pricing on behalf of all our Kowalahs removing the need for awkward conversations and ensuring all our babysitters get paid a fair amount for every job they do.