Kowalah Stories - Ruth


As we continue to share stories from the Kowalah community today we hear from Ruth who joined Kowalah back in May 2017. Ruth is a mum of two, and step mum to two more so she has her hands full at home!  During the day Ruth is a Nursery Nurse in a Health Visitor team and before that she managed a day nursery with over 80 children and 20 staff.

Ruth has an up to date DBS, Paediatric certificate, a certificate in safeguarding children and is SENCO trained.

Why do you enjoy working for Kowalah?

It is really flexible, and I can do as many or few jobs as fits in with me and my family. I am building up a consultancy business, and it great way to meet new people.

What are the families like that you have worked with on Kowalah?

All of the families I have worked with have been lovely, really welcoming and genuinely appreciative of me babysitting for them. The children have all been really well behaved as well.

What happens at a typical booking?

When I arrive we chat through the children's routines and what to do if they wake before the parents get back. The parents will give me their internet details, so I can start my timer. All of the parents I have babysat for have reviewed the end time of the booking, just to make sure I am happy to stay until that time. When the parents return, we have a quick chat about how the children have been, and then I leave. Lots of the parents have texted me to make sure I have arrived home safely, which is really nice. The Kowalah team always does this as well, which is really reassuring, they are on hand during the booking as well, just in case any problems arise.

Why do you choose to accept or decline a booking?

I accept jobs after looking how far I need to travel and how many hours the booking is for. I also always try accept bookings for families I have babysat for previously, as it is good for the children to have continuity and its nice to build relationships with families.

How do you introduce yourself to a new family?

After I have been chosen for a booking, I call the families to introduce myself. We talk about the children, and also if there are any additional directions to their house.

Do you prefer daytime or evening bookings, and why?

As a Mum I struggle to accept daytime bookings, so only accept evening bookings. These work well for me, as I can leave my own children with my Husband!

What are your future plans? (i.e. is Kowalah is step towards something else, or do you see Kowalah fitting around your future activities/jobs?)

I am keen to keep babysitting with Kowalah, as it is a great way for me to develop my new business and meet parents who may be struggling with problems with their children, relating to behaviour or sleep. I have already had families recommend me to families who need support, and I hope this continues!

Do you have any advice for a new Kowalah sitter starting for the first time?

Do it! Its a great way to earn extra money, flexibly. You are not expected to do work particular hours, it all up to you and what works for your family. I am really glad I started, and have told a lot of my friends to get involved too!!

For more information on Ruth's services around new borns and young children, including help with sleeping, behaviour and potty training visit http://www.firststeps-consultancy.co.uk/

About Kowalah

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