Settling In Sessions - get to know your Kowalah!


Occasionally you'll make a booking with Kowalah where the first time your children meet your Kowalah you might not be present.

  • An overnight booking when the children were already asleep when the Kowalah arrived
  • A school pick up
  • Or perhaps its just the first time you've used a Kowalah and want the children to feel comfortable

In all of these situations we recommend a Settling In Session in advance of the main booking.

A Settling In Session runs just like a normal booking, but with the specific purpose of you and your children spending time with your chosen Kowalah at home.  Here are a couple of pointers to get the most from your time:

Get the timing right

You want to ensure that a Settling In Session is relaxed and stress free, so look for a time when you will all be at home and can focus on helping your children to bond with your Kowalah, and showing your Kowalah any important details - like where to prepare meals, or how to get to their school.

A Settling In Session is typically the minimum three hour booking, so plan how you are going to use that time.  

Get the right Kowalah

If you know that you'd like to organise a Settling In Session, then let us know at and we can liaise with your chosen Kowalah to arrange a date and time that work for you both and your children. 

Be aware that many Kowalahs only work at certain times of the day - for example a teacher works at their school during the day and so wouldn't be available for Settling In Sessions during the day.  Try to have some flexibility around when the Settling In Session takes place - it sounds silly, but you obviously need to get the same Kowalah for your Settling In Session as for your main booking!

Give your children space to play with your Kowalah

The main purpose of this session is for your children to become familiar with and trust your chosen Kowalah, but often if you are in the room small children will tend to stay close to you and not engage with the Kowalah.  We find that once you've had your initial introductions and shown them around, make some excuse that you need to grab something from upstairs and leave them in the room.

When you pop back in 20 minutes later you'll see you have a good team on your hands with happy kids ready to play with their new Kowalah!

A Settling In Session is paid for

Your Kowalah is paid for their Settling In Session, so do think about how you can get the most value from it.  If your children are all happy after 15 minutes, then why not pop out and make use of the rest of the time while you have the chance!

And away you go!

Settling In Sessions are quite rare - we hope that once your children have used a Kowalah once or twice they'll be excited to meet whoever you choose for them, but for those who are unsure, they provide a brilliant half-way house where you can meet the Kowalah while you are present.

If you have any questions about Settling In Sessions, or would like to organise one for your family then just let us know at

About Kowalah

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