Kowalah for hotels - the childcare service your guests will love

If you manage a hotel, then you'll know how often you have guests staying that are looking for childcare while they are with you!

Parents might be looking for support during a wedding or family function that they are attending, or it might just be an extra pair of hands so that they can enjoy some quiet time in your restaurant or spa.

Kowalah is proud to be partnering with hotels across the Cotswolds to provide On Demand Childcare as a high-quality, safe service that your guests will love.

Your guests will love it when you are able to confirm their childcare is sorted within 15 minutes of them asking!

We provide two options:

Concierge Service

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Many of the hoteliers we speak to see childcare as a value added service that they want to be able to provide to their guests.  They want to be seen as the end to end provider for their guests, and arranging and charging for childcare is a part of that.

With the concierge service we will provide your hotel with a Kowalah account, and you can place booking requests via our Hotel Booking Form.

You'll provide us with the date and duration of the booking, along with the number and ages of the children to be looked after.  The Kowalah team will run the booking request on your behalf, and based on the close relationship we have with our Kowalah sitters, we'll select the most appropriate for your guests.

We will provide your staff with the booking confirmation details, along with the profile and photo of the selected Kowalah so that you can provide to your guest, and can be sure the correct person arrives on the day.

Typically a Kowalah would call the parents within 24 hours of a booking confirmation to introduce themselves and confirm any details about location.  We would suggest introducing the Kowalah to your guest at this stage as it ensures the parents are relaxed and comfortable well in advance of their stay with you.

On the day of the booking your Kowalah will arrive at your hotel, and ask at your reception for directions to the family, introduce themselves and start their Kowalah timer.

For daytime bookings we often see Kowalahs attending the function alongside the family, whereas for evening bookings the Kowalah may spend time in the hotel room while the children sleep - typically in a family room, or connected rooms.

At the end of the booking your Kowalah will stop their timer.  We will invoice your hotel directly, and you will be able to add that charge to your guest's account, plus any booking fee or service charge that you should wish to add.

The concierge process is fantastic where you want to control the end to end experience for your guests.

Direct Service

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For some hotels, providing the connection to quality local service providers is all that is needed - and for this we suggest the Direct Service.

When a guest requests information about arranging childcare, just point them in our direction and we can contact them directly - to either help them download the Kowalah app and run a booking request themselves, or we can run the request in their behalf.

The booking process is very similar to the concierge service, although in this case we are in direct contact with the parents from the start, arranging where to meet them and when.  There is no requirement on your staff to support or facilitate the booking - although we do request our Kowalahs introduce and identify themselves to your reception staff so you are aware.

With the direct service at the end of the booking we will charge the parent's card directly so there is no need for you to add any charges to the guest's bill.

Getting started

If your Cotswold hotel is looking to add high quality, safe On Demand Childcare to your service offering then just contact us using the form below.  We can help you get set up with a Kowalah account, and support training your staff in how to initiate a booking request.

Depending on your chosen service, we can provide hard copies of the relevant poster above for you to place in your staff rooms or on reception to guide your staff when guests request childcare.

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About Kowalah

Kowalah is a mobile app delivering On Demand Childcare across the Cotswolds by connecting parents with local babysitters and providers of childcare. Parents are connected with up to 5 available Kowalahs in 15 minutes giving them speed and flexibility. All Kowalahs have been interviewed and referenced providing parents with peace of mind.