The Week Junior - an easy way to inspire young minds

In today's modern world where many young kids have their faces glued to a screen throughout the day it can be challenging for parents to figure out how to give their young ones the gift of reading.  

At the same time, when 'news' is so often dumbed down it can be hard to try to educate your children on what is happening around the world, why certain things matter, and what opportunities exist for them when they grow up.


Many Kowalah Parents may already be familiar with The Week.  As a subscriber this easy to read magazine drops into your letter box every Friday and in 30 minutes has brought you up to speed with everything important (and some things not so important!) from around the world over the past 7 days.  

Two years ago The Week Junior was launched.  Following the same principal a magazine arrives in your letter box every Friday but aimed squarely at your children - ideally if they are aged between 8 and 14.

Across it's colourful pages the magazine covers the key stories of the week from around the world - and it does not shy away from tough news.  In the first week that we subscribed the lead article covered the Paris shootings at the Bataclan concert. 

Given that our eldest was 8 at the time we winced a little thinking this was a bit strong - but the way the story was presented - who it affected, why it happened, and how the police and other concert goers helped out - gave the children a good grounding in understanding the world around them whereas before we might have avoided the topic.

"I read it, my brother reads it, and Mummy and Daddy read it sometimes." says Matilda.  Even though the magazine is aimed at the children, it is a nice easy read for the adults as well!

"As soon as I come home from school on a Friday I ask for it and read it in my room."

"There is an arts and crafts section, so you can do science experiments.  We had to make a rocket with bottles and water.  And there is a recipe section so you can do baking which is cool."

"I like the quiz sections at the back.  There is a quiz that has questions about the other sections in the magazine." says Matilda.  As parents we found this really useful in the early days when the kids were more used to looking at the pictures than reading the actual news.  The quiz encouraged them to go back to the articles and find out the answer.  It showed us that they were actually engaging.

It tells you about important people - like a man called Kim
— Matilda - aged 10

"In the actual magazine there is news from the week, what happens in different countries.  It has a big map and it points to where the story happened on the map."

The best way to receive The Week Junior is to subscribe so the magazine hits your letter box every Friday.  You can get your first 6 issues free to help your kids get the feel of it first, and then pay either every quarter, 6 months, or 12 months.

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