Make Memories - 30 things you should help your kids to do while they are young

A post appeared on Facebook recently, it showed a slightly faded picture of a group of kids from the 70s or 80s skimming stones across a pond.  Next to it a current picture showed a group of kids with their heads glued to their own phones with the message "Where did it all go wrong?!"

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The assumption is that we are helpless - technology has arrived and therefore everything that made our own childhoods, and those of thousands of generations before us, such fun are suddenly out of reach for today's children.

Too often "I'm bored" receives "OK, turn on the TV/iPad/Phone/PS4...." in reply.  But if you remember from your own childhood - boredom was the gateway to an amazing experience that you can recall to this day.

At Kowalah we are passionate about making memories - memories for you as parents yes, but also for your children who deserve to have the best childhood and the best memories to look back on as they grow up.  

As parents it is our responsibility to help our children create these memories.  You can't look back on a treehouse if it was never built.  You can't remember the feeling of rolling down a massive hill if it never happened.

Here is our list of 30 great experiences that can make lifelong memories for your kids

The Kowalah Memory List

  1. Ride a bike - nothing beats cycling through woods or down a hill at full speed!
  2. Board and card games - Uno, Dobble, Pictionary, Articulate, Monopoly...
  3. Build a camp and (with parents) light a camp fire - peel potatoes and make your own chips
  4. Skim stones across a river or pond - how many bounces?
  5. Make a daisy chain
  6. Tell the time with a dandelion clock
  7. Settle down to a classic movie - Mary Poppins, Oliver, The Sound of Music
  8. Learn to knit or sow (boys and girls!)
  9. Skipping ropes
  10. Build a swing over a river or pond - dive in!
  11. Climb a tree
  12. Build a treehouse - stay there all day!
  13. Create a secret club with your neighbours - go on missions!
  14. Post a letter to a friend - excitedly wait for the reply
  15. Build a model plane or boat - glue, paint, fiddly bits - what's not to like?
  16. Learn to read a map with a compass - take the family on a walk
  17. Fly a kite in a strong wind
  18. Roll down the highest hill you can find
  19. Run down the same hill as fast as you can
  20. Arts and crafts - make a crown, a plane, an elephant....
  21. Find a caterpillar and look after it until it becomes a butterfly
  22. Make a mud pie
  23. Press flowers and keep them in a scrapbook
  24. Go to the local sweetshop and buy 20p of pick and mix
  25. Host a teddy bear picnic
  26. Get your photos printed and make an album or collage
  27. Go fishing - feel the adrenaline as you catch your first fish!
  28. Build a dam across a stream
  29. Collect frogspawn and watch them turn into tadpoles
  30. Go hunting for four leaf clovers

Today's technology is amazing - a simple device in our pockets enables us to do so much.  But it doesn't create memories - your kids will never be able to tell someone in 20 years about a great game of Candy Crush or Fortnite.  If you can help your children to do just half of these activities you will have given them a lifetime of memories.  What else would you add to the list?  What do you look back on fondly from your own childhood?

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