5 ways Kowalah can come to the rescue over the summer holidays

School’s out for the summer and the kids are overjoyed as they stream out of the classroom! Meanwhile parents across the country grimace as they look at as much as 8 weeks of school holidays to juggle work, activities and keeping the little ones entertained.

While many will be plugging the gap with a week or two of holiday, alternating weeks off work between parents or signing up for cricket or sailing clubs there are still gaps that parents need to fill.

Parents are trying to juggle work and childcare over the summer.

Parents are trying to juggle work and childcare over the summer.

In this post we suggest 5 ways that you can use Kowalah to help smooth your journey to September!

Full Day support

When both parents are working away from home you need someone that can arrive at your house first thing and keep the kids entertained at home for the day. Your Kowalah can help the kids out with some games in the garden or maybe take them to the local park. Your Kowalah can help prepare them a simple lunch and evening meal ready for your return from work.

Holiday Clubs - pick ups and drop offs

Holiday camps and sailing clubs are a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained - but someone needs to take the children there, and they are rarely for a full day. Your Kowalah can pick up the kids from home and take them to their various clubs in the morning. At the end of the day your Kowalah can pick them up again from the activities and bring them home for an evening meal and await your return.

Multi-Family play dates

For families with only one or two children nothing keeps them more entertained than having a playdate. So why not have a couple of friends from another family come over for the day and split the cost of your Kowalah between you. Kowalahs support up to 4 children so this can be a great way of keeping costs down. Be aware though that you need to let the Kowalahs know the number and ages of all the kids they will be looking after when you launch your request - no mysterious arrivals please!

Take them to an activity for the day

There are plenty of fantastic places to go around your home - within the Cotswolds we are spoilt for choice with Cotswold Farm Park, Wildlife Park, Bowood House, Rush Skate Park just for starters. Your Kowalah can pick the kids up from home and take them out for a day of excitement. This is where Kowalahs come into their own as a big brother or sister! You will need to cover the cost of your Kowalahs entrance fee and lunch as well as your kids.

Helping you work from home

Not all parents work away from home - there is a huge increase in flexible working and working from home. However, working from home is not to be confused with looking after and entertaining the children - the knock at the office door, the pleading “what’s for lunch?” and “I’m bored” means no-one is having a productive day. You Kowalah can come in for a few hours over lunch time, help entertain the kids outside, help them with some food and activities and generally release the pressure while you crack on with some proper work!

These are just five ways that Kowalah can help out with the long Summer holidays. We’re flexible and can work around the help you need. What other ideas for Summer help do you have?

About Kowalah

Kowalah provides flexible childcare for busy parents. Kowalah provides regular bookings for daytime and afterschool care as well as one off bookings for evening sitting and help with parties.  Parents are connected with available Kowalahs in minutes giving them speed and flexibility. All Kowalahs have been interviewed and referenced providing parents with peace of mind.