The National Student Money Survey 2019 - How part-time work bridges the gap!

The sixth edition of the National Student Money Survey has just been published by Save The Student and once again provides fantastic insight into what it takes to make it through university financially.

The survey polled 3,385 students and unsurprisingly 79% of them said they worried about money. There is a well known cliché of students eating beans out of a can, but the stress can go further to affect their social lives, their grades and even their mental health.

The cause of the stress is that the money available to students does not cover their outgoings - the average living costs of £807 per month are expected to be covered by an average Maintenance Loan of just £540 per month - leaving a shortfall of £267 per month.



If students don’t come up with a plan to bridge this gap then they are destined to be out of money before the month starts with rent and bills taking up most of their funding.

So what are students doing to bridge the gap?

On top of the maintenance loan the two biggest sources of funding are the Bank of Mum and Dad and part-time jobs - with 67% securing their own income via work around their studies.



Worryingly though - half of students that took a part-time job said it affected their studies - likely due to conflicting shifts with university work, or late nights in bars or restaurants.

Of concern to students and their parents are the other sources of income that some students resort to in order to get through the year - credit cards, payday loans and gambling are all avenues that are explored.

Kowalah’s comments on the survey

It is no surprise that students find it hard to bridge the gap between the Maintenance Loan and their real cost of living, but it is surprising that so many resort to un-sustainable ways of finding the extra money.

Many of the sitters on Kowalah’s platform are university students who choose to work in childcare as a part time job because it solves many of the problems called out in the survey:

  • Kowalahs can earn the £300 to bridge the gap by completing just eight bookings per month*. Those that do more bookings have some additional spending money to enjoy their time at uni with.

  • Kowalahs can choose which bookings to accept to fit around their lectures - no shifts at times that disrupt your learning. Half the bookings available are day-time so late nights can be avoided if needed.

  • Kowalahs can earn while they learn once the kids are asleep during an evening booking - many Kowalahs use this time to work on essays or reading while earning at the same time - much easier than a shift in a pub.

We’d like to see more students considering babysitting and afternoon childcare as a fantastic university part time job leaving the financial stress behind and enjoying this valuable time of their lives.

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About Kowalah

Kowalah provides flexible childcare for busy parents. Kowalah provides regular bookings for daytime and afterschool care as well as one off bookings for evening sitting and help with parties.  Parents are connected with available Kowalahs in minutes giving them speed and flexibility. All Kowalahs have been interviewed and referenced providing parents with peace of mind.

*An average booking earns a Kowalah £40.