5 reasons babysitting is a great part-time job

“Part-time work” is an extremely common search on Google! Whether you are a university student looking for some spending money during your academic year, a teacher looking to top up your earnings, or a mum looking to get back into work - the opportunity to earn without having a full time commitment is important.

Childcare is a very rewarding part-time job

Childcare is a very rewarding part-time job

The most common part time jobs (especially for uni students) have been bar work or waiting staff in restaurants - the work is typically in the evenings so as to not conflict with studies, and whilst hard work - generally fun with like-minded people.

A job like babysitting wouldn’t often have been considered because it is such a fragmented market. It was too difficult for a new uni student or a nurse to try and find enough babysitting work that was consistent and regular to make a proper part-time job.

Tech-enabled companies like Kowalah are now able to provide potential childcare providers and babysitters with a consistent flow of work in their local area that now makes this a great choice for part-time work. Having spoken with a number of our Kowalahs about why they’ve chosen babysitting and childcare as a part time job in this post we’ll highlight the top reasons!

Choose when you work

Anyone that has worked in retail or a pub knows that feeling of getting your shifts through for the next week and seeing the clashes with an upcoming party or lecture that you can’t miss. You try to request a change and when that doesn’t happen you have the responsibility to find someone that you can swap shifts with. With babysitting on a tech-enabled platform you can pick and choose the bookings you want to take based on your schedule. Only want to work mornings - fine! Can’t work this Friday - just don’t accept any bookings. It’s your schedule and you pick and choose the bookings you want.

Multi-task during evening bookings - earn while you learn

An evening behind a bar is a full on experience! High energy and no rest. And while a daytime childcare experience is the same, once the kids are in bed in the evening you can often have three or four hours of time on your own waiting for the parents to return. The traditional image is of the babysitter watching the TV, but many of our Kowalahs use the time for uni work, or catching up on other studies if they are nurses or teachers. Three hours of quiet time to work on an essay, while earning at the same time - happy days.

Great CV content and references

With babysitting and childcare you get to meet many families, and through a tech-enabled platform like Kowalah the parents also provide reviews for your bookings. When it comes to applying for full time work as your career develops you have a great story to tell about being independent, dependable, committed and have the references to back it up. These references will likely hold much more wait than one reference from a local pub.

Good for social skills - meet lots of people

A job is not just about earning money - it can be a great way of exposing you to many different people from different walks of life. If you are new to a particular area then childcare can be a brilliant way of getting to meet people that aren’t in your immediate social circle. As a Kowalah you’ll perfect your art of building strong relationships with new parents that you meet, as well as their children through the bookings. Kowalah might be a tech platform, but we are big on telephone calls, face to face interaction and confident real world conversations - skills that are very sought after in full-time careers.

Get paid the next day

And finally, whilst it is so important a job is fun - we all want to get paid - and with babysitting you can get paid much quicker than with a traditional bar or retail job where you might receive your money weekly, or even monthly. With a tech-enabled platform like Kowalah you’ll receive your earnings the following morning - meaning that you can accept a booking one afternoon, work the booking that evening and have the money in your account the following morning - ideal for that emergency fund for the weekend!

Babysitting makes a great part-time job

These are the top five reasons we hear from our Kowalahs as to why they’ve made this choice for their part-time earning - but we’d love to hear from you. Why do you think babysitting and childcare does or does not make a great part-time job during your studies or around your other work commitments?

About Kowalah

Kowalah provides flexible childcare for busy parents. Kowalah provides regular bookings for daytime and afterschool care as well as one off bookings for evening sitting and help with parties.  Parents are connected with available Kowalahs in minutes giving them speed and flexibility. All Kowalahs have been interviewed and referenced providing parents with peace of mind.