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Thanks for wanting to find out more about the services we provide. Amelia, our local Kowalah Ambassador will be in touch with you shortly, but in the meantime we will create you an account on the Kowalah platform so you can set up your profile and discover how to launch a booking request.

The four questions we get most often from new parents are:

How does it work?

Kowalah is a platform that connects families with interviewed and reference checked providers of babysitting and childcare in your local area. As a parent you launch a request detailing your requirements (after-school care, an evening babysitting, or perhaps a school drop off). The Kowalah platform notifies local Kowalahs in real-time and they review your request and accept or decline based on their previous commitments.

We’ll notify you as Kowalahs start responding and you can review their photo, their profile and importantly their reviews from other Oxfordshire parents. Together with your family you can make your choice in the platform and your chosen Kowalah will call you to introduce themselves and arrange for the booking.

On the day of the booking your Kowalah will arrive, start their Kowalah timer and get to work with your children. When you return they will stop their Kowalah timer and you’ll be charged for their time and any pre-agreed expenses - no need for you to carry any cash or worry about calculating times!

What type of bookings can I make?

Around half of the bookings on Kowalah are daytime bookings - helping to take kids to school in the morning or picking them up from school in the afternoon, helping with homework, an evening meal and bedtime - these are very helpful for working parents or parents with children in different schools. The other half of bookings are in the evening - an evening babysitting while you are out, or an overnight stay if parents have an event to attend that runs into the next day.

Within Kowalah you can request one off bookings, or for after-school care you can request a regular booking such as three afternoons a week for an entire term.

If you’ve been struggling to find the right mix of childcare - you don’t need a full time nanny, you don’t want an au-pair living in your house, you don’t want your kids to go to a childminder’s house, and the babysitter next door isn’t always available - then Kowalah is for you.

Is it safe?

All Kowalahs are interviewed by our team and we receive two independent references from previous childcare or babysitting work. We contact the references ourselves to ensure we get the real story. We request all sitters apply for a Basic DBS certificate and this is listed on their profile alongside any additional qualifications such as first aid, SEND and pediatric care. We also receive proof of their identity and address. Our team is always on hand to help you with your selection if you have any concerns, and most importantly is on hand to support your Kowalah during their booking so they are never alone.

It is important to remember that all Kowalahs are self-employed and work independently on the platform. We invest a huge amount in our sign up process and only 1 in 5 sitters that apply make it to being a Kowalah on the platform. We provide you with all the information to help you make your decision - but ultimately the choice is yours.

Can I speak to someone?

Absolutely. Choosing childcare for your family is one of the most important decisions you can make and at Kowalah we value real conversations with our families and Kowalahs. Oxford is supported by our local Kowalah Ambassador Amelia. Amelia will drop you an email shortly to introduce herself and arrange a time to speak should you have any questions.

Thank-you for your interest and we look forward to helping you and your family.


Settling In Sessions

If you want to get to know your Kowalah before you give them full responsibility for your children they you can use a Settling In Session.



All Kowalahs are charged at the same rate, but we do have different pricing for last minute bookings and some special overnight rates

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We’re lucky to get great comments back from families that have discovered Kowalah.