Child Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of your children, and we've designed the Kowalah platform and our processes to ensure their well-being from the moment you make a booking to the time our Kowalah leaves your house.


Before the booking

All Kowalahs have been interviewed and reference checked

To become an approved sitter on the platform a Kowalah will need to go through a rigorous recruitment process, including telephone interviews, ID, address and background checks, as well as providing two references who we will contact independently.  All new Kowalahs are required to apply for a Basic DBS if they don’t already have a valid certificate. These checks ensure your booking request will only go to Kowalahs that have been approved by our team, and not to every applicant that tries to join the platform.  Only 1 in 5 applicants make it to being an approved Kowalah.

Your details secure

When you run a booking request the only information shared with our Kowalah community is your name, the number and ages of your children and the approximate distance between you both.  With no personally identifiable information you can be secure knowing no Kowalah has access to your address or full contact information until you confirm your booking.

You have the final choice

When you run a Kowalah booking request we will notify a number of local Kowalahs and ask them to respond in real-time.  As your search progresses, you will be able to scroll through those Kowalahs that have accepted your request, review their profiles, read previous parents' reviews, and make your final choice.  You are in control - not the Kowalah platform.

Use the call

Your chosen Kowalah will contact you via phone, shortly after the booking is made and definitely within 24 hours.  Use this call to confirm you are happy with their experience, and that it matches what you read in their Kowalah profile.  You can always cancel if you feel uncomfortable after speaking with your Kowalah.


During the booking

Shared contact information

Once you have a confirmed booking your contact details are visible to your Kowalah within your app and their contact details are visible to you in yours.  You can easily call or text if you want to see how things are going at home.

Kowalah on call

Team Kowalah is on call if either you or your Kowalah have any concerns during the booking.  Our support line is manned at 0844 209 2955 or email  We've dealt with everything from an overly frisky dog to an entire kitchen roof collapsing.

Secure payment processing

Kowalah handles all payment processing securely using our trusted 3rd party payment platform.  Your card details are never shared with or visible to your Kowalah maintaining your privacy.  


After the booking

Your feedback is essential

After every booking you'll be asked to rate your experience and share any feedback about your Kowalah.  We take your comments very seriously and will act on any concerns you raise.

Your contact details hidden

Once your booking has ended your contact details are hidden again within the Kowalah app.  We only share your details with your Kowalah for the minimum amount of time necessary.  

Safety is number 1

Kowalah provides parents with simple and fast access to On Demand Childcare, but nothing is more important than maintaining the safety of your children.  If you have any questions or concerns please call us, we're happy to discuss.