Kowalah provides flexible childcare for busy parents. With more families where both parents work, and with the rise in flexible and home working, Kowalah provides you with childcare that fits around your life - on demand and in your own home.

During term time Kowalah provides your children with after school support and entertainment in your own home throughout your working week, helping with school pick-ups, homework, and an evening meal, awaiting your return from work.

During holiday time our Kowalahs provide full day support while you are at work - entertaining the children at home or taking them to local activities.

Kowalah also provides short notice on demand childcare and babysitting for those one-off requirements - an evening out, or help with a children's party.  Last minute invite arrived?  No problem! 

Our Kowalahs have joined families on holidays, attended parties and weddings, stayed overnight or for weekends - so whatever your childcare requirement we're glad to help.


How it works

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Step 1

open kowalah in any browser on your phone or laptop and launch your booking request. Enter the date and time for your booking, the age and number of children and confirm your location - then let Kowalah get to work and notify local sitters in real-time!


Step 2

in real-time Review the profiles of the kowalahs as they accept your booking request. Look at their photo, read reviews from other parents and make your choice!


Step 3

your chosen kowalah will call you to introduce themselves, confirm your location and any special requests for the booking - cooking an evening meal or a school drop-off perhaps.


Step 4

your kowalah will arrive on time, start their timer and get to work, freeing you up for your day's work, or your well earned evening out. at the end of the booking your kowalah will stop their timer and you'll automatically be charged - no need to visit the cash machine!

Safety at Kowalah

Only 1 in 5 sitters that apply make it onto the Kowalah platform
— Candy Cowan - Co-Founder

Safety is number 1


Interview process

All Kowalahs go through a telephone interview during which we get to know about their previous childcare experience, and confirm details of their location and ability to get to and from bookings independently.


Reference checks

Every Kowalah provides us with two references that we contact independently to receive a written recommendation of previous childcare or babysitting experience.



Whenever a Kowalah completes a booking parents are asked for a review. You can read all previous reviews prior to making a booking to help you make the right choice.


Kowalah Parents

families requiring after school help

Mums with kids in two places at once

dads organising childcare for the first time

parents going back to work

parents needing an evening out!


Want to learn more?

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