Kowalah partners with businesses aligned to our values and brand.  On both the Parent and Sitter side of our platform we're proud to connect our ever increasing Kowalah community with businesses and products that benefit their busy lives.



StayCotswold specialises in luxury cottages in the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire Cotswolds. We have a fantastic range of properties including dog friendly cottages and properties for larger groups. Whether it’s a week’s holiday with your family, a corporate stay, or even a relocation, StayCotswold will have a property to meet your needs. We have an extensive knowledge and a passion for everything the Cotswolds has to offer.

Holidays in the Cotswolds

Holidays in the Cotswolds is a local lettings company with a big vision – to offer holidaymakers the finest handpicked and meticulously inspected holiday homes in the picturesque surroundings of the Cotswolds. Whether your preference is for a lakeside retreat, romantic cottage, dog-friendly house, family home or a weekend getaway with friends, our Cirencester-based team can cater for all your holiday needs. As a location, the gorgeous Cotswolds really does offer something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the boutique shops of fashionable Cirencester, take long relaxing walks around the lakes of the Cotswold Water Park, enjoy a pub lunch in a honey-coloured English village or prefer the many activities on offer such as water skiing, fishing, sailing or golf, the Cotswolds really does cater for all tastes.

“We’re in the Cotswolds and we’re here to help!”

Click on their logo to explore their range of luxurious Cotswold properties, or Book Now to arrange a Kowalah for your next Holiday in the Cotswolds stay.

Mulberry Cottages

Mulberry Cottages is a holiday property letting agency with over 700 high quality self-catering holiday cottages across England.  Each home in the Mulberry collection has been picked for it's unique story - supported by their award-winning customer service. 

With over 84 properties across the Cotswolds, Mulberry Concierge provides a range of additional services to enhance your stay - from a dedicated chef, unique experiences, and of course - on demand childcare provided by Kowalah.

Typical Kowalah bookings for a Mulberry Cottages stay include:

  • Day time support for a big group of families - an extra pair of eyes to allow you to relax

  • Evening sitting while you head out to a restaurant

  • Childcare to come with you to a wedding or other function

Click on their logo to explore their range of luxurious Cotswold properties, or Book Now to arrange a Kowalah for your next Mulberry Cottages stay.

Orion Holidays

Orion have 25 years of experience in the Cotswold Water Park with over 80 carefully selected high quality holiday cottages.  All of Orion's properties are second homes, meaning that they are owned and furnished in an individual way - no two properties are the same!

Kowalah provides sitters to Orion guests whether looking for day time support for a wedding or family function, or evening sitting to allow you to explore one of the local pubs or restaurants.  Or why not get a Kowalah to take the kids off for the day while you relax in a spa?!

Click on Orion's logo to explore their range of Cotswold holiday properties, or Book Now to arrange a Kowalah for your next Orion Holidays stay.


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Give On Demand Childcare to your customers

if your business relies on customers having easy access to high quality, safe childcare to use your service then Kowalah could be your ideal partner.

We help hotels, B&B's, holiday cottages, restaurants and pubs to attract families without the need to provide childcare services themselves.

we can provide flyers for your premises and online booking forms to personalise your guest's experience.

Would you like to partner with Kowalah and share your brand with our ever increasing Kowalah community?  Just let us know below.

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