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Just a spoonful of sugar - April 2018

Mother-in-law's blown me out and the kids refuse another night with the sitter who falls asleep on the sofa...It's Mary Poppins to the rescue!
Actually, it’s a lovely cuddly Kowalah called Polly who flies through the storm and alights on my doorstep after I’ve panic-dialled their app and yodelled for a last-minute replacement, but her bright smile and upbeat vibe (minus the umbrella and curled-toed shoes) are Mary-to-a-tee. Yes, we at Muddy are first to the party in discovering the fab-tastic Kowalah app, the latest in on-demand childcare.......


Would you 'Deliveroo' your babysitter?  - December 2017

“Where are your kids tonight then?” asks the woman I’ve been chatting to at a party for the past ten minutes.

“Oh they’re with a stranger I booked off the internet,” I say.

She sips her wine and laughs. “So who’s got them, really?”

Such is the response of most people when you tell them you’ve left your precious, most prized possessions in the care of someone you first met an hour ago, who arrived at your door like a punctual takeaway curry. And yet as party season peaks........


Babysitting apps boom as parents bid to reclaim free time - February 2017

[Note: Kowalah was originally named Bambino]

We can book cabs, choose a restaurant or book a holiday through social media. But surely, some things are too important to seek online? Apparently not. These days, many parents are entrusting their babies to strangers via babysitting apps such as Bambino, Bubble and UrbanSitter.

Many do not have a family member nearby and with many grandparents still in work themselves, what are parents going to do: stay at home?
Word of mouth and noticeboards in play centres are being replaced by online resources and the industry is booming........


Busy mothers tap into babysitting apps - February 2017

[Note: Kowalah was originally named Bambino]

Busy mothers who want to keep their freedom are driving the rise of babysitting apps.

New apps such as Bambino, Bubble and UrbanSitter allow them to book sitters at the last minute for as little as £8 an hour.

Parents submit a request, the app alerts babysitters, and the booking can be confirmed in minutes.........


Babysitting app 'Bambino' already has hundreds of users following launch this summer - August 2016

[Note: Kowalah was originally named Bambino]

A BABYSITTING phone app launched by a Cotswold couple this summer is proving very popular with several hundred users.

Candy and Charlie Cowan, who have four children, moved to Hatherop from Malmesbury last year, setting up Bambino to help create a network of babysitters for themselves and others.

“We moved last year and had no network of babysitters in the area because we didn’t really know anyone,” said Candy, 40.

“We decided to fix this problem by creating a secure network.”.....

Image Source: Wilts and Glos Standard

Image Source: Wilts and Glos Standard