Our Sitters (who we call Kowalahs) come from a range of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common - they love looking after children.

As a Kowalah sitter you'll be provided with regular notifications via your phone for local childcare and sitting requests.  Dependent on your prior commitments you can accept or decline the request, following which the parent will be able to scroll through the available sitters and confirm the booking with their preferred Kowalah!

We have male and female sitters (boys love a male sitter to play sports or build lego with!).  You will need to be over 18 years of age and have your own means of transport to get to and from bookings.

If you'd love to join the Kowalah community then just download the Kowalah app and we'll invite you to a telephone interview and explain the rest of the onboarding process.


Jobs for the boys!

Kowalah is not just for girls.  We love having male sitters on the platform - families with boys love having a male role model to play sport or build camps with their children.

Currently serving:







Great for:

University Students

School or nursery workers

Nurses and healthcare workers


Mums returning to work

How does it work?


Step 1

Your phone will notify you of a local booking request.  You have 15 minutes to accept or decline based on your prior commitments.


Step 2

within 30 minutes the parent will make their choice from the sitters that had accepted their booking request.  If you have been chosen you'll receive a notification in the kowalah app and you'll be able to contact the parent to introduce yourself.


Step 3

When you arrive at the booking, simply start your timer in the kowalah app, say hello to the children and the parents can head out.


Step 4

When the parents return, stop the timer in your kowalah app and the parents will automatically be charged.  You'll receive your money in your account the following morning.

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How do I sign up?

1. Download the Kowalah app

2. We'll arrange a telephone interview

3. You provide proof of identity and address

4. you provide two written references

5. We'll run our background checks

6. we'll help you craft your profile

7. You're live on the app

Typical Booking Requests


School Drop-Off


This is a typical booking for a busy family with many children!  Often the parents need to be in 3 places at once, and a Kowalah can help out with breakfast before taking one or more children to school.  You'll need the correct insurance if you are driving children.

School Pick Up


Families with parents that both work are often in need of Kowalahs to help bridge the gap between the end of school and their return from work.  Typical duties include helping out with homework and preparing an evening meal.


Evening Sitting

Any Day

When parents are out to spend time with their friends, or just with each other - knowing a trusted Kowalah is there to look after the children is so important.  You might be required to help with bathtime, reading an evening story and ensuring the house is tidy.


Overnight Stay

Any Day

Occasionally parents will need to stay over - perhaps at a wedding, or a work event.  An overnight stay will see you helping the children to bed, and then staying over in a spare room.  In the morning you'll help the kids up, dress them and prepare breakfast.


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