Summer Jobs for School Leavers


Easy Money for School Leavers

Have you just finished your A-Levels and are wondering how to earn some easy money over the long Summer? Perhaps you are taking a gap year and need to start saving for a trip abroad later in the year?

Kowalah is an easy way to start earning by looking after the children of local families across the Cotswolds. You can earn between £8 and £10 per hour and get to choose which bookings you accept - brilliant for fitting around your other commitments!

Most bookings are 4.5 hours long with an average of £42 earnings for you. About half the bookings on offer are day time and half are evening sitting.

No Long Term Commitment

Most jobs ask you to commit to a certain number of shifts or hours per week, but with Kowalah you can pick and choose which bookings you accept.

Need to crank up the earnings and work full time? Accept every booking that comes your way.

Just need £50 for the weekend? Pick up a booking on Thursday and have the money in your bank Friday morning!

I can accept a booking in the morning, work that evening and have the money in my account the next day!
— Jemima - Kowalah Sitter

What do I need to apply?

Working on Kowalah is a synch. All we ask is that you have:

  1. A smartphone (iPhone or Android) - you’ll need this to accept bookings and start and stop your Kowalah timer.

  2. To be able to get to and from bookings on your own - this might be with your own driving licence in your own or mum and dad’s car, or via public transport or bicycle if you are in a larger town.

  3. To have some previous babysitting experience so you know what to do! We’ll ask you for two references so we can get two reviews for your profile to help you get your first bookings.

How does it work?

  1. We’ll have a phone call with you to explain how Kowalah works and learn more about your background and to help you put your profile together.

  2. One you are on the platform we will notify you by email of any booking requests near you.

  3. You can choose to accept or decline dependent on your other commitments.

  4. The parent will choose their favourite Kowalah from those that accept (HINT: a clear profile photo with a smile and a fun description of yourself wins bookings!).

  5. You call the parent to introduce yourself and plan the booking.

  6. On the day you start and stop your Kowalah timer in the app so we know how much to pay you.

  7. You receive the money in your bank account the following morning - no waiting until the end of the month to get your cash! Kerching!

  8. And because you’ve wowed the kids, you are likely to be listed at the family’s Preferred Kowalah so you get access to follow on bookings from them!

Is it safe?

Safety is our top priority at Kowalah - of course for the children in your care, but also for you. After all, you are the one travelling to a new house and meeting a new family. We do social media checks on all families signing up so we know who they are. Because all bookings go through the Kowalah platform we know where you are and when you are supposed to start and finish. You always have access to our support team meaning you are never on your own.

What territory does Kowalah cover?

Kowalah covers most of the Cotswolds from Cheltenham down to Chippenham and from Tetbury across to Oxford. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you live in Cheltenham, Oxford, Chipping Norton or Cirencester!