Our simple pricing model lets you know exactly what you can expect to pay whichever Kowalah you choose.  By providing fixed rates across all our Kowalahs you can focus on choosing the best Kowalah for your family based on their profiles and previous reviews.

Your debit or credit card will be charged via the Kowalah app when your Kowalah leaves, so there is no need to calculate numbers in your head or worry about going to a cash machine on your way home.

All bookings are subject to a 3 hour minimum fee.

If you decide to come home earlier than planned, or stay out later, we'll just charge you for the time you actually use - but please let your Kowalah know of any changes in your timing so they can make arrangements.


Standard Pricing

A standard booking is considered to be made at least one day before you require a Kowalah.

£10 per hour

Charged to the minute

3 hour minimum booking

4 children maximum per Kowalah


Same Day Pricing

For those days when its urgent - you have to rush to a short notice meeting, or a last minute party invite arrives!  Same Day pricing applies when you confirm your booking any time after 12.00am (midnight) on the day the booking is required.

£13 per hour

Charged to the minute

3 hour minimum booking

4 children maximum per Kowalah


Overnight Stays Pricing

Our Overnight Stays allow you to enjoy your evening and stay where you are, returning the next morning.

£10 per hour

£55 flat fee from 11.00pm until 06.00am

£10 per hour charged from arrival up until 11.00pm, and from 06.00am until your return, and assuming not booked on the same day, otherwise £13 per hour will apply.

4 children maximum per Kowalah


Late Return Fees

Chargeable from 30 minutes beyond the end time agreed with your Kowalah.

Any changes in end time need to be notified to the Kowalah support team at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the booking to avoid late return fees.

£5 per hour


Manual Booking Fees

The Kowalah platform is a synch to use, but if you’d rather one of our team run the search for you and send you a short list of Kowalahs we can run a manual request.

This fee is refundable only if Kowalah was unable to provide you with coverage for the time and date requested.



No Cash Needed

We charge your card directly so you don't need to try to calculate numbers or visit the cash machine on your way home. Simple.